What is Gestalt?

Gestalt is a German word meaning Whole and also ‘the Pattern’. In a therapeutic context this means working with the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and seeing the person within the context of their whole environment – both affecting and being affected by those they live around and among. Gestalt is a dynamic approach to human development and being in the world.

By working within the therapeutic relationship and the here and now, issues, experiences and old patterns which are unresolved and cause difficulty or concern or the feeling of ‘stuckness’, may be brought into awareness. By gradually recognizing and bringing into awareness these parts of our self and our experience that have been denied or disowned, we find the possibility to be different, to find a choicefulness in our relationships and how we are in the world.

Gestalt is about ‘how’ we do things rather than ‘why’. So becoming aware of how we try to get what we want in relationships, how we get distracted, interrupted or self-sabotage means that we then have the opportunity to make different choices. Increasing your awareness within the supportive therapeutic relationship makes it possible to look at difficulties, pain, dissatisfaction and unhappiness for instance.

Confidentiality and Ethics

All sessions are confidential. Each client is given a written contract which covers this and other points such as cancellation of sessions etc. As a registered member of the UKCP I am bound by and work within the UKCP Code of Ethics and Practice and also The Metanoia Institute Code of Ethics and Practice. I am in regular supervision for my clinical work as required by my Registering Body.

“A process of increasing awareness and finding a choicefulness in life”

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