What to expect/ What might a session include?

  • a safe and confidential space to be heard, to discuss, explore and begin to understand feelings and experiences
  • a therapeutic relationship which is non-judgemental and of integrity and where we can bring all aspects of our selves as human beings with all our experience, self-understanding and concerns
  • support
  • creative and constructive challenge and the invitation to stay with and explore difficult or painful feelings, thoughts and to discover new ways of responding and being with yourself and others
  • enhancing understanding and awareness of the self so that you are empowered and begin to see choices in life and relationships
  • creative use of body awareness sometimes using small experiments or art materials to find or re-find your inner resources for choice and change

Each session is 50 minutes long and we meet weekly. The therapy room is a safe, confidential space where you can work at your own pace to find out more about and explore your emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts and embodied experience.

The initial assessment consultation gives time for us to consider the concern or issue(s) which bring you to therapy. We will consider together how we might best support you in the work. We discuss the fee, session times and regularity.

“Gestalt is about how we do things rather than why

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